Jaih Betote

Jaih Betote
Company Member

Jaih started with Capoeira, a dance martial arts, from the age of five to the age of twelve. That led him into starting dance classes, but at first Jaih couldn't find anything that he liked so he started with Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary. Soon after, he joined a local dance crew in Oxford called Messy Jam. Then, he found out about Zoonation and they trained him in all his foundations and gave him opportunities that he's so thankful and grateful for. Soon after, he went to a boarding performing arts school (Tring) for five years.

Three years into Zoonation and Tring, BoyBand dance crew started forming within the Zoo youth company, and eventually went on to being on GOT TO DANCE and BGT. Now he is out of college living in London, training, auditioning, making videos, being an X factor backing dancer, and recently joined Chrysalis London.


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